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Pet Microchipping

Microchips are small devices that provide a permanent and unalterable identifier for your pet. Our veterinarians strongly recommend microchip implantation for all dogs and cats, as these schips dramatically increase the chances of being reunited with a lost pet.

At Oyster Bay Animal Hospital, we can microchip your dog or cat during any routine office visit, no anesthesia required. If your pet was rescued from a shelter or adopted from another owner, we can also perform a quick search to see if a chip has already been implanted.

Found Pets

Any pet found by a shelter can be scanned for a microchip. The identifier found in the device will allow you to be contacted as soon as possible, so that your pet can return home safely. In addition to performing recoveries, many chip manufacturers also have 24/7 support services that will search for pets as soon as they are reported missing.

The microchips we use are widely supported by shelters and veterinary clinics throughout the United States. Please visit the AVMA’s website and the vendor websites for more information, and answers to frequently asked questions about microchip implants.

The Pet Microchip Lookup web site is another helpful resource for locating owners of lost pets based on the microchip number that operates independently of microchipping companies.

Pet Microchipping at Oyster Bay Animal Hospital

24hr Emergency & Critical Care Center

Clients of Oyster Bay Animal Hospital never pay any additional emergency fee when being seen at West Hills Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center for after hour emergencies.

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